I’m a conservative. That’s why I won’t be voting Conservative.

O n Thursday 2nd May, the residents of York and North Yorkshire will be voting for the first time for a Mayor. In the run up to the election this is the letter I sent to my local paper in Harrogate, being irritated by the Conservative candidate who was far from conservative, offering the electorate a sweetshop of socialist policies.

As a conservative voter who believes in small government, personal freedom, lows taxes and free enterprise I am left, yet again, with a dilemma in the run up to the forthcoming election for the Mayor of York and North Yorkshire.

As the Conservative Party’s candidate is not hiding is overtly socialist agenda of Corbyn-style subsidisation polices, the establishment of a socialist bank, and a Stalinist state-grab purchase of the Grand Hotel in Scarborough (which incidentally in private hands and not currently for sale), I just cannot bring myself to vote for him.

If the gentleman is so passionate for the renovation of the Grand Hotel, and so sure of its eventual financial success, why doesn’t take out his own loans and put his own house up for surety, rather than risk taxpayers hard-earned money on this highly risky venture that no sensible business man or woman would naturally make? But that’s not what socialists like to do, is it?

And, what message does this send to other failing businesses, other than “don’t worry if your service is bad, your prices are too high and you start to lose customers, because socialist Mayor Duncan will buy you out. So keep on running your sub-standard business, you’ll be just fine”.

As for his socialist bank idea, the mind boggles. Does he not know the world’s largest bank failure was that of a mutual bank, losing over £250 billion for its members (I refer your readers to the Washington Mutal Bank). Yet again, we find socialist Keane willing to risk our money, but never his.

Nope, I’m afraid this is a man I cannot possibly vote for. My reason, I’m a conservative.

Matt Cooke
Matt Cooke
Matt Cooke is a finance professional with over 25 years experience. He offers consulting services to companies aiming to transform their finance organisations.

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