View from Black Hambleton

W ho said home schooling had to be a bore? Learning is fun, especially when you have: 1) a bike; and 2) a hill. It's even more fun when you realise your front wheel is wobbling and you have bit of a steep and rocky hill to go down and you are trying to inspire interest in geography, history and biology to your 12-year old son, who has his heart and mind firmly set on becoming an engineer for an Formula 1 team and sees no use in these subjects!

BH carbon road bike, hired from Corralejo

Well, I'm no teacher (hats off to all teachers nationwide!), but we have been having lots of fun as we have learnt together (he has been my 'desk buddy' for the last few weeks and has corrected my spelling, fixed my IT issues and told me "dad, you can't send that email, it won't be good for your career").

I take courage, however, in that he came to me after the lesson and told me "that was actually quite interesting". After that, I considered my job done.

Editors note:

Firstly, its 'dilate' not 'dilute'. Diluting ones eyes is not a good idea...

Secondly,This was not actually that dangerious. I would not be stupid (or selfish) enough to put our amazing NHS staff under any more pressure at this time. I've descended this path many times before and was, at all times, within my limits.

Matt Cooke
Matt Cooke
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